American barbeque


An american BBQ style requires “low-and-slow”- smoky, tender meats cooked slowly at low temperatures served up with simple sides and salads. Here at the  Smith’s Catering London kitchens, we marinade for 24 hours, slow cook our pulled pork for 10 hours then finish off on the Barbecues catering at your event. Same goes for beef brisket or short ribs, although cooking times vary.

Here are some menu suggestions. These are not set, you are welcome to “cherry pick” to make up your own menu and we’ll price it for you. Or, to discuss your special event call us today or email for a free estimate. Minimum for BBQ Catering is 40 guests


Beef brisket
Kansas short ribs
Traditional spicy Kansas BBQ sauces
French fried onions and baked beans
Green salad, Smith’s slaw
American wines and selection of beers


Pulled pork butt
Smoked pork and beef frankfurters
Loaded potato skins
Carolina baked beans
Green salad, Smith’s slaw
American wines and selection of beers



100% Aberdeen Angus burger
Optional cheeses: American,
Swiss or blue
BBQ pork collar
King prawns (any size you want up to 100g)
Rice and black beans
Sesame seed buns
American wines and selection of beers


Baby back ribs with smoked chipotle peppers in adobo sauce
Louisiana jalapeño pork sausage
Cajun jumbo shrimp skewer
Dirty rice and kickin’ onion salad
New Orleans flatbread
American wines and selection of beers


Minimum order: 40 guests

Our sausages are made to order by the master sausage maker, Jean Paul at Franconian, so we can serve up any sausage of your choice. Just give us a week’s notice for special requests.

100% Aberdeen Angus burgers are also made to order at Godfrey’s the award winning butchers.

Fish comes fresh from Billingsgate Fish Market. Whilst salmon, monkfish and giant shrimps are firm Barbecue catering favourites, many exotic species also BBQ catering well – tuna, marlin, kingfish, swordfish and tiger tilapia. Again, we can probably obtain any fish of your choice. Just give us a bit of notice.


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