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All buffets can be served in baps or burritos. Served hot or cold, as a main course with rice (served from chaffing dishes) or a part of a Barbecue catering.

Prices vary according to your menu choice and style of service.
PLEASE ASK FOR A QUOTE (Minimum for barbecues is 40 guests)

Brazilian BBQ menus

Brazil’s most popular cut of beef, with garlic and olive oil.
Smokey slow cooked beef brisket with garlic and olive oil. Similar to Texan pulled beef
Slow roasted garlic pork sausages
Costela (Jacob’s Ladder)
Tender, juicy beef ribs cooked slowly for six hours
Sirloin steak simply seasoned and roasted rare
Costela de Porco
Baby back pork ribs marinated with chilli and garlic, slowly roasted
Tender lamb rump marinated in sea salt, garlic, rosemary and lime
Lambuja (Hamburger)Angus beef marinated in garlic oil
Frango Com PimentaChicken thighs marinated in chilli and garlic marinade
Fried meat balls with spicy beef and bulgur wheat
Chicken and cheese croquettes

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Acarajé Black – eyed pea and shrimp fritters
Acarajé Black – eyed pea and crab fritters
Moqueca Piri Piri fish stew served with rice Paella style. Shellfish or fish such as swordfish, snapper, etc
Tacos de peixe
Fish tacos with shellfish or sea fish


Most of the above meat dishes can be made with Quorn
Lambuja (Hamburger)
Vegetarian burger garlic oilmarinade
Milho Verde
Brazilian sweet corn
Vegetable Feijoada
Roasted vegetables served in a brioche bap with salsa
Barquinhos de berinjela
Stuffed Aubergine with peppers, onion, tomato, cheese and chilli

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Salada de Tomates acebolada Tomatoes & red onion
Salada de cebolas com pimenta dedo-de-moca
Red onion and red chilli pepper salad
Salada de Beterraba Beetroot salad
Salada de Macarrão ao molho de tomates
Penne pasta salad with tomato sauce
Salada de Folhas Mixed salad leaves
Brocolis e Pimentos
‘Al dente’ broccoli salad with red chilli
Vagens French bean, shallot salad
Batatas em conserva de Vinagrete e alho New potatoes marinated with garlic vinaigrette
Azeitonas marinades Marinated mixed olives
Salada de repolhos servida com maionese Coleslaw
Couscous with cucumber, tomato, dried fruit and parsley
Repolho branco e salada de milho doce White cabbage, sweetcorn, carrots in mustard vinaigrette
Traditional Brazilian chicken mayonnaise salad with carrots, sultanas and red apples
Abóbora assada Roasted butternut squash
Salada de Grão de Bico
Chickpeas with chopped tomato, onion and garlic
Ervilha e Salsichas Garden peas with diced sausage meat
Repolho Roxo e salada de beterraba
Red cabbage and beetroot salad
Finely chopped cucumber, tomato, red pepper, onion and herbs
Salada de Cenouras assadas e Lentilhas com Abacaxi
Carrot, lentils and pineapple salad


Caipirissima (with rum)
Caipirosca (with vodka)
(Cachaca mixed with various fruits, coconut as varied as Daiquiris



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