Halal barbeque


Smith’s BBQs can cater for any ethnic or dietary requirements. Any menu on the website can be Halal.

All chicken we use at Smith’s Catering is free range Halal. All of our sausages are made to order. In place of outdoor reared Cumberland pork sausages we suggest halal lamb merguez. Given time, we can also supply Halal lamb kofte, halal beef sausages, halal chicken sausages and halal beef frankfurters.

Again, burgers are made to our specification by a Master Butcher in London. Halal options are lamb, beef, chicken and goat.

Apart from salmon, all of our fish is bought directly from Billingsgate Market. We are there at least twice a week and have access to any fish of your choice – just ask and we can probably get it. Recent requests have been for hilsa fish; wallago attu (aka boal fish) and king fish. At one recent BBQ catering, onto the grill went the biggest prawns we’ve ever seen – average weight about 120g !!

Minimum for BBQ Catering is 40 guests

 So whatever exotic menu you have in mind, just call us or email for a free quotation.

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