Smith’s Boxes


Some menus for Smith’s lunch boxes
Vegetarian, vegan, halal and gluten free options are available for most salads

Free-range Chicken Pasta Salad. Chicken breast, tagliatelle, sun-dried tomatoes, French beans and black olives. Pesto dressing with fresh basil and parmesan shavings
£ 8.50+ VAT

Pad Thai Noodle Salad. With stir-fried vegetables, noodles & bean sprouts.
Either vegetarian; with Prawns; or free-range chicken.
£ 8.50+ VAT

Smoked Chicken Caesar salad. A classic Caesar plus smoked free-range chicken
£ 8.50+ VAT

Kiln roasted salmon with king prawns, quail’s eggs and asparagus.
Fresh mayonnaise, French bean salad, new potato salad with 
wholegrain mustard and extra virgin olive oil dressing
£10.00 + VAT

Tuna Niçoise. Sustainable fresh tuna, little gem, olives, quail’s
eggs, cherry tomatoes, new potatoes, French beans and anchovies
£10.00 + VAT

Seafood and Chicken Paella Salad. chicken, chorizo, and; prawns with basmati rice. Dressed
with sweet peppers, shallots, quail’s eggs and black olives
£10.00 + VAT

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Poached Inverawe Scotch Salmon Fillet, garnished with quail’s eggs and Asparagus
Salad leaves, French beans and new potato salad
£ 8.50 + VAT

Cajun blackened Salmon Fillet, Lime crème fraîche, asparagus and mixed leaves with rocket
£ 8.50 + VAT

Poached Lobster Tail served in the shell with fresh mayonnaise, asparagus and lemon.
Smith’s ‘slaw or mixed leaves with rocket. Minimum order 6 and 48 hours notice
£ 15.00 + VAT

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Dressed Cromer Crab served in the shell with mayonnaise, asparagus and lemon
Smith’s ‘slaw or mixed leaves with rocket. Minimum order 6 – 48 hours notice
£ 12.00 + VAT
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Free-range Chicken breast filled with Spinach, wrapped in Parma Ham. Sliced and fanned with fresh Tarragon and, balsamic cream dressing. Mixed leaves with rocket.
£ 10.50 + VAT

Lamb Kofta kebabs. Greek salad
£ 8.50 + VAT

Rare roasted Aberdeen Angus Beef Fillet. Marinated with extra virgin olive oil. Served with roasted Mediterranean vegetables, rocket and parmesan shavings. Minimum order 10 – 48 hours notice
£ 15.00 + VAT

Roasted Mediterranean vegetables and Couscous salad
£ 8.50 + VAT

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Aubergine Parmigiani £ 8.50 + VAT

Vegetarian Caesar with Quorn £ 8.50 + VAT

Poached Pear with Stilton & caramelised Walnuts. Mibuna and mizuna salad with aged balsamic dressing. Minimum order 10 – 48 hours notice required
£ 10.00 + VAT

Roasted Goat’s Cheese with baby heritage Beets. Quinoa, mibuna, mizuna and mustard leaves. Honey & Balsamic dressing. Minimum order 10 & 48 hours notice required
£ 10.00 + VAT

Honey roasted Figs (when in season) with Roquefort, argula, red chard & bull’s blood leaves salad. Minimum order 10 – 48 hours notice required
£ 12.00 + VAT

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We supply our biodegradable boxes daily for many Companies across London; from the 
City to areas as far as Hammersmith and Lewisham.
Minimum order:
10 of any one salads

One of the first “Green” caterers in London, we can supply biodegradable plates and cutlery

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