With the ramifications of ‘Horse-gate’ and its aftermath still being felt throughout the food industry, it’s important to consider where your meat comes from. All of our meat is sourced from sustainable or free range suppliers.
Twice a week our chefs visit London’s wholesale markets to buy directly from Smithfield market for meat; Spitalfields market for salads, vegetables and fruits and Billingsgate market for fish.

The hogs used for our hog roasts are 100% organic, raised on a farm in Suffolk. Our burgers for Smith’s BBQs are made to order in London by fully accredited Master Butchers, Godfreys and contain nothing but prime Angus beef, salt and pepper. Our sausages are hand made in London by a master sausage maker; Jean Paul at Franconian.

Salmon for Smith’s cold buffets and Smith’s business lunch is shipped overnight in chilled containers from Scotland.

When a really special cut of meat is required, we again turn to Scotland and the renowned Blackface company.

When money is absolutely no object, for our Smith’s bespoke catering we have Wagyu beef specially delivered to our supplier at Smithfield meat market.

For the very best buffalo mozzarella we use caseificio San Giorgio a traditional maker from the Puglia region of southern Italy.

Our traditional British gammon ham used in Smith’s sandwiches and Smith’s finger buffets is cooked in our own kitchens.

One of the menus used for Smith’s hot fork buffets is a chorizo, bean and quinoa casserole. The chorizo, along with our jamón Ibérico, comes from Spain’s Salamanca region.

Our Philosophy  Sustainable Food  –   Km zero food  – MSC  –

London Markets SpitalfieldsSmithfield – Billingsgate – Farm London Markets

Some products Hog roasts  –  Burgers –  Handmade sausages  –  Smoked Salmonspecial meat cuts  –  Wagyu Beef

Some European Supplies Caseificio San Giorgio  –  Jamón Iberico

wine_liWith many years experience in the wine trade, we source Smith’s wines from many independent merchants, many of whose wines will not be found anywhere else. One such is Graham Mitchell who sniffs out amazing wines like a hound hunting for truffles. Using our extensive contacts, we can usually source any wine of your choice within 3 working days.

View: Graham Mitchell interview

Catering Hire charges
For details of chefs, waiters and butlers costs, as well as a list of the most commonly requested Smith’s equipment hire just click HERE. You will also find details for basic marquees.

For wedding cakes we recommend Michael Glennon or if you need promotional cakes with your own logo Smith’s catering will be happy to quote.

photo_liWhatever your special requirements, say a lighting or sound company,  musicians,  photographer, chocolate fountains or cocktail mixologists, we’ve a list of trusted people with whom we have worked in the past.

Just call us or email to discus.

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